Thanks to Smile Empty Soul for the PRIME TV theme song!

Thanks to Nonpoint for continued use of their music!

Thanks to Evil Blood for Krimson's theme, "Anton's River"!

Thanks to Curse Icon for Johnny Gargano's theme, "Down"!

Thanks to American Werewolves for M-Dogg20 Matt Cross' theme song, "Kings of the Cleveland Streets"!

Thanks to Bloodwolf for Jason Bane's theme, "Light Bearer"!

Thanks to Hachiman for their cover of the Canadian National Anthem for Petey Williams!

Thanks to 5 Elements for Omega Aaron Draven's theme, "Push"!

Thanks to In Alcatraz 1962 for Benjamin Boone's theme "Winter Sun"!

Thanks to Honest Marquee for Sex Appeal's theme, "Sugar Pill"!

Thanks to Chris Volz for Gregory Iron's theme, "Your Own Medicine"!
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