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PRIME Wrestling is the next evolution of professional wrestling programming on SportsTime Ohio - official cable television home of the Cleveland Indians, reaching nearly 5 million cable homes and available nationwide via satellite. PRIME Wrestling is all about young on-the-rise wrestling stars hungry to reach the top. Our athletes are in the prime of their careers and we present them in a prime example of what a professional wrestling television show should be - an emphasis on action, athleticism, and drama - not constant skits and video packages. Our stars include such talents as "The Whole Shebang" Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Jacobs, "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross, "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron, Jason Bane, Krimson, Marion Fontaine and Michael Facade. We are also a community-conscious organization, and frequently do fundraisers to support worthy causes, such as the Cleveland Police Athletic League. You can watch PRIME Wrestling TV every Sunday night at 10:00 PM EST on SportsTime Ohio or every Wednesday on For more information, please visit Pro wrestling on SportsTime Ohio has finally hit its PRIME!

Before you contact PRIME Wrestling, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions. If our FAQs do not pertain to your query, we will be happy to address your e-mail and any questions or concerns you may have.

Q: What is PRIME Wrestling?
A: PRIME Wrestling represents everything we feel is right about professional wrestling. We feel we possess a roster in the prime of their careers, young athletes who are hungry to make their way to the top. We feel we are a prime example of how pro wrestling on TV should be, with more emphasis on action and athleticism, not endless talking and video packages. We also feel we as an organization are in our prime as well, and are ready to expand to new and exciting frontiers. We are very proud of our roots, but referring to ourselves as an "Ohio" or "Cleveland" company was excluding our great fans from across this country - as far away as Hawaii! We feel "PRIME" better describes who we are, what we aim to do, and what we strive to become.

Q: When will PRIME come to (name of city or town)?
A: We are interested in coming to your area! If you know of a building, charity, school, or civic organization interested in having PRIME Wrestling do a Live Television Taping as a potential fundraiser, email us today!

Q: I am a professional wrestler/referee/manager looking for work. How can I get hired?
A: PRIME is always open to considering the addition of new employees in a variety of positions, provided the requests are presented in a professional and intelligent manner, and sent to our e-mail address or Facebook inbox only please. You must include a resume, photos, and recent work sample for consideration. Requests sent publicly via Facebook or Twitter will not be considered.

Q: I would love to be a wrestler. Can you train me?
A: Sorry, but PRIME does not currently operate a training facility.

Q: I am interested in advertising with PRIME TV and/or Are there any spots available?
A: Yes! Please e-mail us, and we'll be happy to speak with you!

Q: How can I write to my favorite PRIME wrestler?
A: Send us an e-mail with "ATTN: (PRIME Wrestler)" in the title and we will forward it to the wrestler in question.

Q: I just purchased tickets on PRIME's Online Store. Will they be mailed to me?
A: No, all tickets may be picked up at the venue once doors open. Advanced ticket purchasers will be admitted first!

Q: I have an idea for your show! Will you read it and consider using it?
A: PRIME loves to hear from our fans, and all of the feedback, both good and bad, that comes with it. We are always open to hearing your likes and dislikes, and how you feel we can make PRIME better! However, PRIME does not accept any official proposals for stories, scripts, formats, "storylines", characters, or situations of any sort. All submissions of such will not be read and be discarded.


To contact PRIME Wrestling, please e-mail

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Have you ever wanted to work for PRIME Wrestling? We are now looking to hire for various positions to help PRIME continue to grow and develop in the months and years ahead! Current positions open include, but are not limited to, the following -

Sales - Do you have a background or education in the sales field? Do you feel you could do well out in the field selling advertising time for PRIME Wrestling TV & live events, available in millions of homes throughout Ohio and countless more nationwide? We have various sponsorship packages available of all types & sizes and are in search for qualified, capable and professional men & women to spread the word about advertising with such a loyal, diverse, and passionate fan base as sports-entertainment fans!

Commercial Production - Do you feel you could put together a compelling :30-:60 second advertisement for PRIME Wrestling DVDs, T-Shirts, and assorted other merchandise and endeavors? Contact us today!

Live Event Staff - We are looking for physically fit individuals interested in helping our live event set-up including but not limited to the assembly and dis-assembly of our wrestling ring, set, chairs, etc. 

Please email for more information on any of these positions or if you feel there is another way you could help PRIME continue to grow!